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Multilingualism is a key feature of Europe and the benefits of knowing foreign languages are unquestionable. Language skills not only facilitate studying, travelling and working around the world, allowing intercultural communication and integration, but they are also an asset in meeting the new economic and professional challenges of the European Union.
European Label 2006
European Label 2010
CMC to CMC_E: The story
The CMC_E project aims to encourage the best use of innovative materials developed in the context of the CMC Program (Socrates Programme Action Lingua 2). The CMC materials promote the development of professional language skills in English and Spanish as well as in less used and less taught languages such as Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak and Polish, in order to highlight the need for a broader multilingual community. The CMC program has been awarded the European Label 2006. CMC_E moves forward by offering materials which promote the development of linguistic professional skills.

To know more about Project Objectives, Approach, Outcomes & Results, Partnerships and Contribution to EU Policies  read  the Project Progress Report - Public Part and the Project Gantt Diagram


  • P1 - University of Calabria prepared   a brochure on CMC_E in English and shared it with the Partners. The Brochure is available at P1 Language Centre and will be soon sent to Association of Categories (Chamber of Commerce).
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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