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Session - Creativity, cultures and language use

Marie J. Myers, Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario
Evaluating creativity and innovation in second language teachers’ discourse

John Trumper e Marta Maddalon, Università della Calabria
Local and Global, Global and Glocal

Règine Laugier, Università della Calabria
Cultura e LinguaCultura

Alba Cachafeiro, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Creativity and language use. An analysis of the influence of English in Spanish magazines for young women

Rossella Pugliese e Serafina Filice, Università della Calabria
Comunicazione plurilinguistica: un modello poliglotto per una società poliglotta

Anna De Marco - Eugenia Mascherpa, Università della Calabria
Linguistica acquisizionale e ricadute glottodidattiche: l’acquisizione del verbo in studenti sinofoni

Anila Ruth Scott-Monkhouse, Università di Parma
Learning Vocabulary through Multiple Intelligences


Session - Creativity, cultures and language use in Arts

Anna Zanfei, Università di Verona
Doh is a perfectly cromulent word! Multimodal perspective on culture and phonology

Graziella Acquaviva, Istituto Universitario Orientale Napoli
Theatre laboratory in Swahili language: the dramatization of Swahili language learning integrated into the courses of Swahili language L2

Fabrizia Venuta, Università di Federico II Napoli
Using films as a second language acquisition resource

Ian M. Robinson, Università della Calabria
Corpus linguistics and creativity: corpus fairy tales

Session – Language creativity in business settings

CMC_E  European Partners’ Team
Communicating in Multilingual Contexts meets the Enterprises
. Awareness of professional skills in business settings – Project presentation
- During this presentation the paper "Intercultural Communication in Academic and Professional Settings: Voices from Two European Projects" by Carmen Argondizzo / Anna Maria De Bartolo / Lydia G˛mez Garcýa / Marti˝a Pi˝eiro de la Torre / Isabel Figueiredo-Silva will be presented.

Erwin Snauwaert, HUB Brussels/ KULeuven
Intercultural Competence and CLIL as a Way to Business Orientation in Spanish Foreign Language

Claire Wallis, Università di Cagliari
From reality television to reality performance

Y.L. Teresa Ting, Università della Calabria
Into the Business Brains of Learners: fundamental findings from neuroscience research which can guide the development of language learning materials

Helena Mazurová, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Enhancing learning by using innovative learning materials for business students

Paola Gaudio, Università di Bari
Creativity from the familiar to the foreign: learning business English with the help of Anglicisms

Session – Creativity and Technology

Teresa Gonçalves, Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco, Portugal
The Utility of a blended learning module in EILCs

Simone Bonafaccia, University of Wuerzburg - Germany
Virtual ethnography and intercultural foreign language learning

Gianpiero Barbuto, Università della Calabria
Locomotiv@Project: get the best about European Universities

Cristiana Cervini, Università degli studi di Bologna
Attività creative in Moodle e Italiano L2 per valorizzare la dimensione interculturale in un gruppo di studenti plurilingue online

Gi-Zen Liu, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Fostering a RFID-driven language learning environment for developing receptive language abilities: applications, issues and challenges

Frederic Taboin, Università Federico II Napoli
Studiare con il Wiki. Potenzialità e limiti di uno strumento innovativo

Laura Capitani, University of Maastricht
Wikispaces in language teaching: prospectives in creativity

Maxmillian Maurice Gold, Università di Cagliari
Online news as a didactic source

Mariana Bisset, Sarah Haigh, Università degli studi di Padova
Learning links: the creative process and quest for authenticity in the development of materials for an online course

Andrew Bailey, Università degli studi di Padova
“Who will take the next line?”  Insights in the translation process

Cesare Zanca, Università di Siena
Online learning and Data Driven Learning: opportunity or necessity for our translation studies students?

Maddalena Toscano, Graziella Acquaviva, F. Aiello, Istituto Universitario Orientale Napoli
Online courses for autonomous learning in a Swahili language academic course based on the study of Swahili literary texts